Sunday, July 3, 2011

what a twit

I was recently asked by an author friend of mine whom I respect greatly to do a critique on this piece in "Slate"

Following is my response to him, please do read the piece yourselves and do try to refrain what using foul language while doing so. I could not. But please do feel free to voice your opinion here in comments, was I wrong? Or is this guy really as much a condescending, academic twit, as I think he is?

Dear Dan,

"Man dude I just can't. I have never seen so much twaddle piled up in one condescending place at one time, it's overwhelming. Firstly, Robert Noznick was NOT the "father" of libertarianism, that's been around for centuries.

Then he could not get his head out of the academia ass long enough to look around and breathe, where one could logically argue the merits of full blown communism ad nauseum and have it be perfectly accepted. Until it enters the real world that is, where that model must then interact with actual living human individual beings, and it, as a result, falls utterly apart. No worker bees in a free society.

Which is exactly what this turd is arguing against, a free society. Even his "gardener" example is a "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" statement. It sounds wonderful, but you know what, I don't want to take care of "your needs". I'm busy enough handling my own, and who the hell is the arbiter of those needs of mine? Who is it placed "in charge"?

There is absurdity after rose colored glasses absurdity in this piece.

And the mere fact that it is a libertarian concept of a free press which allows him to print this drivel without fear of reprisals is apparently quite lost on him.

This buffoon ignores the fact that libertarianism takes advantage of human nature and the fact that people are not worker bees, but indeed they are thinking individuals, with different ideas, and agendas. Even agendas which try to push worker bee mentality onto us poor, ignorant masses.

This was in no way the complete dissection and refutation this article so desperately deserves, but I only have so much time on earth to devote to showing the fools a mirror. So, I'll shut up now ;-)"

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  1. I appreciate the effort, Joe. The duct-tape based cranial reinforcement straps are en route. Sorry to foist this product of journalism school upon you, but misery loves company.