Thursday, June 30, 2011

Republican Tax cuts for the rich fatcats!!

You right wing nutjobs are really chapping my ass today. I saw you lining up to criticize yet again our president, the beloved Barack Obama. All because he "misspoke" during a brief interruption of his grueling campaign schedule so he could grace the 10th mountain division with his beneficent presence.  The man had 3 fundraising events to attend in the area that day alone, a schedule which would overwhelm a lesser campaigner.

I mean really, what group of hardened veterans of literally years of combat would not like to get to go and do their albeit small part to help get such a great man reelected instead of those stupid post traumatic stress disorder one on one intensive sessions, or trying to get to know all over again the person they married, or being introduced to their children in the 4th grade whom they have never met in person. Just look at their faces in the video which I'm sure you've all seen by now, don't mistake those stoic visages which may appear to the untrained eye as disdainful or even contemptuous. But rather the stony, yet wistful countenance of those trained to keep all emotion bottled up deep deep inside, under intense pressure. They're joyful to have been ordered... er....  chosen to attend this event, only a nazi right wing ideologue could say otherwise.

So, during our dear leader's speech just after the part where he outlines his tireless service to our nation, just so those troops knew they were not the only ones serving the nation at the time, he made one tiny little "misspeak". He accidentally confuses one of the 7 medal of honor winners who died earning his medal with the one who didn't. And it just happens that the one who didn't die was in a different unit from the 10th mountain division.

I don't see what your right wing problem is, always blowing little things like this WAAYYYY out of proportion. I mean look at huffington post as the example you should be following, they didn't make a big deal about this. Here's their story about the incident :

See? Handled with grace and restraint. Especially at a time when Michele Bachman is making such disgusting and vile remarks about where John Wayne was born:

Thank god huffpo is around to provide us with that video of her making a mockery of the memory of an actor who played heroes in the movies.

Oh yeah, and the republicans want to give tax cuts to the rich fatcats by the way and kill our poor grandmothers.


  1. joe i will be following your satire
    keep it coming

  2. don't be so hard on the big B.O.

    it's not his fault that B.O. stinks

  3. Satire escapes many - they just can't handle it, let alone read it. Keep it coming, I LOVE IT!!!!!!