Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Florida school trouble

I recently read a story from Fort Lauderdale about a former janitor who earned $108,000 a year to teach occasional cleaning classes for the Broward School District. His pay was cut by $12,000.00 after the salary came to public attention. 

And now the "crazy right wingers" are coming out of the woodwork crying about the "waste".

In my opinion his position was well deserved, and quite meritorious. Just think of all those windows which could have streaks in them but for his tireless instructional efforts. Do you people think that qualified janitorial personnel just illegally cross over a border somewhere? Or maybe they just show up in Miami on a raft? 

Custodial engineers must be groomed, though 10's of rigorous minutes on end. You don't really think a broom and mop are so intuitive that just anyone can pick one up and "just know" how to operate one, do you? That a damp rag or sponge's purpose is just blatantly there for the whole world to comprehend at a glance? That a waste can just screams instructions for emptying it? 

Many of you "right wing nutjobs" may need to rethink your positions regarding this before you find yourselves buried in filth at your respective places of business.

Well I for one will not just sit idly by while this noble educator is singled out and persecuted because they claim that the $1,862.06 a day he's paid is "excessive". Or those on the other side who are equally upset and whine because he doesn't have a "college degree", or a "teaching certificate". Are we to tolerate such "straw man" arguments? 

I have contacted my local congresswoman here in Ohio, at first, her office tried to tell me that since it was "Florida" where this occurred, they really could do nothing to address the issue, and thanked me for calling. Having never been one to just "give up", I continued my telephone campaign of calling her offices, both here, and in Washington until they finally relented and promised me they would investigate the matter, their exact words were "yes, Mr. Wahler, the congresswoman has assured me that she will launch an immediate investigation, and she thanks you for your input and concern". I expect the wheels of justice to start turning now.

That dear reader's should show you the power of persistence, as well as what one retired phone man can do with free long distance, and literally days of idle time.

I guess the message here is really don't give up, when you see an injustice, take action! Remember, the trash can that is improperly emptied could be yours one day.

They came for the janitorial instructor and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a janitorial instructor.....

One of our many highly trained janitorial school graduates pushing the boundaries of janitorial science as part of her everyday duties. 


  1. Hey Joe, you have to remember - it is Florida!

  2. Joe, I've been on the line to NASA, and they say the sheer weight of the sarcasm is distorting the space time continuum on a local level. Still, a great read.

  3. I thought we defunded NASA.... well just the part that has to do with space and rocket science, not the "global warming is going to kill us all, we recommend bikes for everyone else" arm of the agency.

    It's amazing what those NASA guys who are tenaciously hanging on at Kennedy and Houston can do with a bit of string, a red rubber ball, and scotch tape.

  4. Venice, I had forgotten that part. Never mind, I take it all back.

  5. Imaginative writing. Excellent commentary. Extraordinary insight. Superb descriptive account of cheating children out of a good education. The buildings are falling apart; and they are certainly not clean. We don’t have money for athletic programs, busses, after school activities, band practice, or field trips. But the money is there to squander on gross misappropriation.

    Joe, you have given me a great idea; I could teach dishwashing, then branch out to utensils, pots & pans, and maybe even kitchen equipment (if the janitors haven’t cornered the market)

    MMM I can feel the money coming in, I’ll have enough to pay the bills.


  6. I know this is Atlanta, but it's awfully close to Florida - what came first, the chicken or the egg.