Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WOW!! and I thought I was crazy

I just read an article by an insane person. 


The progressives are exactly the same, their sect alone understands the True religion, and the True Constitution, and the laws of the market. The answer lies somewhere in the middle , between the 2 radical ends, which do not represent the vast majority by the way. 

You see, the great society was a failure, not because of it's ideals and morals, but because the left refused to incorporate the concepts of fiscal conservatism. Borrow and spend became the policy du jour, and it became so acceptable that it became the norm no matter which side was in power. When the only time that is really acceptable is in a time of national emergency. When your government is run in a constant state of emergency, spending more money than you have on programs that cannot be done away with and paying for it with borrowing, the piper will one day be paid. 

The "conservative" answer is to cut spending before we go over that precipice. The "liberal" answer is to raise taxes. Now, there is a given in government, that the more money they have, the larger they will make the government, that is an axiom that has been proven in this nation for 235 years now. So, given that known fact, does it really make sense to just feed the beast more. 

Our current government is that 1000 pound man who cannot leave his bed, if something is not done very soon, he will die. The liberals say the only answer is to bring him another bucket of fried chicken.

By the way, his rather simplistic and quite obvious disdain for any who may share a right leaning view is not even remotely disguised in this article.

I myself am somewhat of a social liberal, while maintaining that fiscal conservatism is the only sane policy. Yet to the average person on the left these days, I am considered to be the equivalent of Mussolini.

Remember this article was written by a man who truly believes that affirmative action was implemented for the sole purpose of destroying the connection between liberalism, and the civil rights movement.

This guy also believes: "After the 1990 census, the first Bush administration collaborated with the civil rights establishment to reapportion and create as many black and Hispanic congressional districts as possible, thereby pulling the rug out from under white Democrats in surrounding districts and making it easier for the GOP to win control of Congress in 1994." 

Does that really make any sense to anyone at all?

Lind favors a system of "proportional voting", what the hell is that? .

He wants to raise wages by BANNING all unskilled immigration.

He is in favor of a tariff on all third world imports, but not on any others.

Many of the points he makes in his book are indeed true, but so were Mussolini's. Read his book, and you will see enough truth to make you consider his solutions, hopefully right before you decide he is a madman and a very poorly hidden racist, Oh wait, my mistake, that's probably my right wing, conservative, white supremacist acceptance of multiculturalism showing.

OK, I'll shut up now. 

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